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Business is Made Easy in Kansas

In Kansas, Business is always at full throttle. Area Development magazine awarded Kansas its Silver Shovel award in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016; and its Gold Shovel award in 2013 -- for job creation and investment projects in the "under 3 million population" category -- being consistently ranked high for few regulatory and fiscal obstacles is certainly a reason why businesses choose to locate here.

Regulatory and Legal Environment

Pacific Research Institute (PRI), a non-partisan non-profit think tank, released its 50-State Small Business Regulation Index in 2015 -- a comparison of small business regulatory burdens across the 50 states. Kansas ranked #4 among the 50 states for business-friendly regulatory environment. The Index measures 14 regulatory components that are either positively or negatively associated with small business economic burdens.

U.S. Chamber Institute For Legal Reform

The 2017 ILR State Liability Systems Ranking Study ranked Kansas as having one of the most business-friendly litigation (lawsuit) environments in the nation. Kansas ranked #19 overall (1 = best.)

Right-To-Work Status

Kansas is one of only eight Constitutional RTW states. Kansas is a Right-To-Work state by 1958 amendment to the Kansas Constitution. The amendment was supported by 93 of the state's 105 counties and passed by a very substantial margin of 90,000 votes. Of the 28 states that prohibit required union membership (Right-To-Work or RTW states), 20 enacted RTW by state statute. Such statutory RTW laws are vulnerable to legislative reversal. Kansas is among the only eight states enacting RTW by state constitutional amendment. As such, Kansas RTW status can only be changed by a vote of the people, and is not vulnerable to legislative reversal. Unions in Kansas cannot attempt to collect "service fees" from workers who choose to not join the union. Kansas is an "at will" employment state. There are no unusual restrictions. Source: National Right-To-Work Foundation

EPA Air Quality Attainment

South Central Kansas is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air quality attainment area in which environmental regulation does not exceed federal EPA requirements. The region has been in compliance with all EPA criteria air pollutant standards since 1989.

Kansas Has Pro-business Policies

Pollina Corporate Real Estate, one of America's leading corporate site-relocation experts, ranks Kansas #5 in the top 10 for most business-friendly states in the nation (2015.) Pollina praised Kansas for "pro-business policies that result in job growth" and a "conducive business atmosphere."