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Grow And Expand In The Greater Wichita Region

The Greater Wichita region is a dynamic, business-friendly region where your business can grow and prosper. Here in the center of the U.S. you will find a world-class workforce and robust talent pipeline powering industries with a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our low cost of living and operations, together with a vibrant and diverse cultural landscape, provide an unexpectedly high quality of life. Explore why doing business in the Greater Wichita region is right for you and how it has fueled the success of companies like yours.

The Greater Wichita Partnership: Working for You

If you are thinking about expanding or locating a business, the Greater Wichita Partnership is here to help you find the information you need and the type of valuable insight such a decision requires.

We start working with you from the moment we become aware of your interest in the Greater Wichita region, making sure we thoroughly understand what your company or client needs in order to thrive. The Greater Wichita Partnership will help gather resources and information, contact and connect you with potential partners, and outline all opportunities related to your specific goals.

Browse the links below to discover the advantages or growing businesses in the Greater Wichita region.

Business Assistance
Discover all the benefits the Greater Wichita region offers companies ready to grow and connect to the Greater Wichita Partnership, ready to provide your business with additional information and support throughout your decision-making process.

Site Selectors
The Greater Wichita Partnership is here to help assist site selectors in the search for a client’s perfect location from demographic information to available sites and everything in between.

Available Properties
Search the inventory of available properties throughout the Greater Wichita region.

Incentives & Financing
Explore the wide array of incentives and financing programs available to expanding or relocating businesses.

See how your company can benefit from the pro-business environment with low regulatory and fiscal obstacles.

Learn more about our world-class utility providers and their high quality, reliable services.

Discover why the Greater Wichita region is conducive to startups and all the world-famous brands that started here.

Success Stories
Read more about the region’s latest business successes.

Andrew Nave

Executive Vice President of Economic Development

Andrew Nave

The Greater Wichita Partnership stands ready to assist you in identifying specific opportunities within the region. Contact us directly for strategic solutions, incentives, presentations and reports designed to help you.

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