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Our Strategic Priorities

As an innovative, collaborative organization we are designed to proactively drive change — in thought and in action — to position our region to thrive. At the Greater Wichita Partnership, we bring alignment and focus to community efforts, work together toward common goals, practice diversity and intentional communication and advance the unique qualities of our region.

MISSION – To align resources and focus the business community on common strategies that fast-forward economic growth in Wichita and South Central Kansas.

Aligning Focus: How the Greater Wichita Partnership Accelerates Growth

We are focused on three main priorities: Jobs, Talent and Quality of Place, all to fast-forward the region’s growth. These priorities are shaped by three highly detailed, research-driven plans that were developed in 2018: the Regional Growth Plan, the Talent Marketing Blueprint and Project Wichita. These priorities are also informed by the master plan for downtown Wichita’s development, Project Downtown and the Talent Roadmap: Building a Community that Defies Expectations. The efforts identified in these plans require many private and public sector partners to achieve success and support growth in Wichita and the region.

Three Strategic Priorities - Jobs | Quality of Place | Talent

We support the creation of jobs through business expansion and retention, company attraction and cultivating entrepreneurship.

We work with businesses and the region to attract and keep talent while also supporting talent development.

Quality of Place
We are focused on developing a distinctive quality of place that attracts talent, visitors and economic growth.

Discover the Partnership's 2023 Annual Report, a comprehensive summary of 2023 key outcomes and initiatives within our three strategic priority areas.

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