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Skills Navigator Resources

This skills navigator is a dynamic platform dedicated to simplifying the upskilling journey, offering businesses and individuals a seamless pathway to identify, acquire and enhance their skills. By curating and providing easy access to diverse upskilling resources, it empowers users to navigate the ever-changing landscape of professional development with precision and efficacy. Below are the top seven skills identified by local industry professionals as the top skills needed to be successful in today’s market.

Coaching/Team Management

Center for Management Development – Wichita State University

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Interpersonal Skills

Essential Skills Certification – College of Applied Studies – Wichita State University

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Communication - Storytelling

Adult and Professional Studies – Newman University

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Computer Literacy

Upskilling – Workforce Alliance

Career Competencies – WSU Tech

Business and Life Skills Training – Allied Health and Career Training

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Digital Learning Integration and Agility

College of Adult and Professional Studies – Friends University

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Project Management

Workforce, Professional and Community Education – Wichita State University

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