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Insights For Success: Selling Greater Wichita

In choosing to locate, expand, or grow a business in the Greater Wichita region, we understand the need to share information in effective ways with decision makers and stakeholders across organizations. Whether you are a site selector selling the region to a client or a local sharing about the region to others, this website should provide helpful messages and data, and we invite you to review — then share — these five key elements about the Greater Wichita region.

1  |  Regional Snapshot: A Region on the Rise

The Greater Wichita region is a region under remarkable transformation. With an aviation heritage spanning 100 years, it is a city built on entrepreneurship and innovation. A skilled talent pipeline with the pure, raw talent for building complex structures and products translates to success and growth across multiple industries.

Download varying lengths of the Regional Snapshot for reference and presentations:

Intro to Region

One-Page Overview

Complete Overview

Pitch Greater Wichita Presentation

Quick Facts to Share

  • Wichita is the Air Capital of the World, delivering over 35% of all general aviation planes built in the nation.
  • The Greater Wichita region is one of the world’s five true aviation clusters, with an embedded manufacturing ecosystem of over 450 suppliers.
  • As the most manufacturing-specialized region in the U.S., we’re home to a diverse network of nearly 900 manufacturing firms.
  • The Greater Wichita region is where you will find the nation’s number-one skilled workforce, providing direct access to the most trained and most advanced workers in the world.
  • The Brookings Institution named the region one of the fastest-growing tech centers in the nation with a number-15 ranking for digital service job growth.
  • The Greater Wichita region is home to Textron Aviation which includes internationally known brands Cessna Aircraft and Beechcraft Corp. and Hawker; Airbus Engineering Design Center; Bombardier Learjet; and Spirit AeroSystems, the world’s largest independent producer of commercial aircraft structures. 

2  |  Regional Value: A High Quality of Life with Low Costs

The Greater Wichita region is good for business. With a pro-business environment in the hard-working heart of the nation, the Greater Wichita region is full of possibilities to bring your business goals to reality. Our low cost of living and low cost of doing business equals value for employers and talent.

Download the Regional Value Statement for reference and presentations:

Regional Value Overview

Quick Facts to Share

  • As the most geocentric metro in the U.S. with direct access to I-35 and I-70, business can easily transport goods and services to both coasts, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Commercial utility and rental rates are below national averages providing a business environment with low operational costs.
  • Wichita possesses what many larger metros lack — housing affordability, short and easy commuting, and a high degree of public safety.
  • A low cost of living creates the best of both worlds — an affordable location, plenty to see and do, and more money to travel everywhere.
  • The Greater Wichita region offers an amazing quality of life for individuals of all ages and interests. What may be more surprising — to both businesses and talent alike — is the equally compelling case for the outstanding cultural and entertainment amenities available.

3  |  Regional Differentiators: A Unique and Innovative Economy

The Greater Wichita region is where the leading edge of aerospace, engineering, and materials development converge, making the complex, possible. Home to the world’s great aviation brands, including Textron Aviation (with Beechcraft and Cessna), Spirit AeroSystems, Bombardier and Airbus, a spirit of entrepreneurism fuels hundreds of start-ups in a city dedicated to big ideas.

Download our Regional Differentiators for reference and presentations:

Regional Differentiators Overview

Quick Facts to Share

  • In the last decade, over $1 billion of investment has been a catalyst for growth and future development in our downtown core.
  • As the Air Capital of the World, we have one of the highest concentrations of engineers in the U.S., a vast diversified network of nearly 900 world-class manufacturing firms in the 10-county region, and an unrivaled commitment to workforce training and research.
  • Our region is a hub for national security. Home to McConnell Air Force Base, one of the main operational bases for the KC-46A Pegasus and hosts the 22nd Air Refueling Wing, the KC-135 Stratotanker and the 184th Wing of the Kansas Air National Guard.
  • Entrepreneurs, community leaders, and volunteers contribute to the Greater Wichita region’s creative culture through makerspaces, an impressive craft brewing scene, and community pride.

4  |  Regional Statistics: Proof of Performance

The Greater Wichita region is full of possibilities and positioned for your business to grow and thrive.

Download Regional Rankings and Statistics for reference and presentations:

Download the full list of our region's accolades

Quick Facts to Share

  • #4 in manufacturing jobs as percent of all jobs of the 100 largest U.S. metro areas. (Lightcast, 2021)
  • #3 engineering hub in the U.S. (Engineering Daily, 2017)
  • Wichita ranked as a top 5 city for low startup costs (SmartAsset)
  • Top 10 Best Places to Make a Living - affordability, low cost of living and low unemployment rates (Money Rates, 2017)
  • #1 in percent of “very high-tech” manufacturing jobs of the 100 largest U.S. metro areas. (Lightcast, 2022)
  • #12 U.S. advanced industry hotspot for R&D and STEM-worker intensive industries powering regional and national economic success. (Lightcast, 2020)
  • Top 20 best metros for remote workers — Using Speedtest data from the 100 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States and median home values, a study ranked the Wichita metro among the top 20 best cities for remote workers. (Speedtest)
  • Wichita named "one of the Coolest cities in America" (2019 Thrillist)
  • Wichita is one of the five aerospace clusters in the world

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