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Data Insight: Points of Pride

The Greater Wichita region is a region on the rise, regularly appearing at the top of national rankings across a wide range of industry and quality of life indicators. The following are a few of the region’s accolades and areas of recognition.

Business and Industry Success

#1 in Manufacturing Jobs as Percent of all Jobs
of the 100 largest U.S. metro areas (Brookings Institution, 2012)

#3 in Percentage of “Very High-Tech” Manufacturing Jobs
of the 100 largest U.S. metro areas (Brookings Institution, 2012)

#3 U.S. Advanced Industry Hotspot
for R&D and STEM-worker intensive industries powering regional and national economic success (Brookings Institution, 2015)

#3 Engineering Hub in the U.S.
(Engineering Daily, 2017)

Top 20 City to Be Your Own Boss
based on percentage of self-employed, incomes, living costs, tax environment (Entrepreneur, 2017)

High Quality of Life

“One of the Coolest Cities in America”
(2019 Thrillist)

Top 10 City for First-Time Home Buyers
offering affordability, accessibility and stability (Smart Asset, 2018)

#4 Best Value City
for hotel quality ratings and prices (Trivago, 2016)

#4 Best Value City for Raising a Family
quick commutes, low cost of living, and affordable cultural amenities (, 2014)

State of Kansas Rankings

#4 Business-Friendly Regulatory Environment in the U.S.
(Pacific Research Institute 2015)

Top 10 Best Place to Make a Living
(Money Rates 2017)

1 of only 8 Constitutional Right to Work States
(National Right to Work)

Download the full list of our region's accolades


Key information for site selectors and businesses:

Andrew Nave

Executive Vice President of Economic Development

Andrew Nave

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