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Leading Aviation Maintenance

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

From world-renowned OEM’s to hundreds of FAA certified repair sites the Greater Wichita region knows airplanes inside and out, making it the perfect location for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations. For over 100 years, the region has pioneered aviation with a culture of innovation – earning the title of the Air Capital of the World.

World’s Largest



A Centrally Located MRO Hub

As the most geocentric metro in the nation and one of the world’s five true aerospace clusters, the Greater Wichita region provides a robust MRO ecosystem benefitting many companies, including Textron Aviation, Bombardier Learjet, Spirit AeroSystems, and GE Aviation. Not only is the Greater Wichita region where complex aerospace structures are built, it is also where aircraft are repaired to original standards to keep them flying longer.

Most Affordable




FAA-Certified Repair Stations

MRO-Development Friendly

Whether businesses require direct access to runways or just need to be in close proximity of major OEMs, the Greater Wichita region offers over 1,000 acres primed for development across three locations. 

  • The state’s largest airport, Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport, is home to over 60 aviation-related businesses including the world headquarters of Bombardier Learjet, Textron Aviation, and the Textron Aviation Wichita Service Center, the world’s largest general aviation MRO facility.
  • Colonel James Jabara Airport is home to the Embraer business jet service center, with a full-service fixed-base operator and Cessna service center. 
  • Air Capital Flight Line offers over one million square feet across 23 buildings on over 300 acres. The complex includes seven hangars, one of which is large enough to accommodate three 747-8 jumbo jets.
  • The National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT) at WSU Tech offers a world-class aviation maintenance technology program that produces 300 A&P mechanics per year. In addition, WSU tech trains students with multiple aviation related programs such as aerospace manufacturing technology, composite technology and nondestructive testing. This robust pipeline presents the perfect talent opportunity for any MRO business.


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Tammy Nolan Porazka

Vice President of Business Development

Tammy Nolan Porazka

The Greater Wichita Partnership is your primary resource for connecting with aerospace innovators and opportunities. Get in touch with our team to discover how you can be part of the future of flight.

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