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Regional Growth Plan

The Regional Growth Plan is an economic strategy to grow the greater Wichita region’s economy, attract new businesses and expand existing industries.

This multi-year action plan features seven target industry sectors with 13 niche sectors, five strategic pillars, 32 key initiatives and a regional framework to support implementation. The plan takes into account the region’s previous plan, the Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth, and builds upon its research and foundation.

  • Five strategic pillars serve as the foundational elements necessary to drive economic growth.
  • Seven target sectors and 13 niche sectors represent the region’s core economic strengths and economic opportunity.
  • Ten key initiatives were identified from the 32 total initiatives to highlight the most impactful and highest priority efforts for the region to pursue and accelerate positive change.
This targeted economic development plan for the Greater Wichita region will be used by regional organizations and partners to boldly seize opportunities to grow the economy.

Regional Growth Plan Partners

The development of the Regional Growth Plan was led by Market Street Services, the Strategic Advisory Committee of the Greater Wichita Partnership and the below funding partners. This team, alongside an extensive list of regional stakeholders, spent months drilling down into market information, analyzing research, and diving deep into community input to identify focused strategies.

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