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Investing in a Shared Future

Some things are too big, too complex, and too important to take on alone. The long-term success of the Greater Wichita region is among them. At the Greater Wichita Partnership, we are continually working to bring private and public stakeholders together from throughout the region for a united, holistic approach to economic growth. We invite you to join the over 130 investors who, together, create the Greater Wichita Partnership.

By working together, we can create a powerful force to effect change. Thanks to our investors and partners, we are fast-forwarding progress throughout the region.

Success Requires a Shared Commitment

At the Greater Wichita Partnership, we understand that any time you are asked to invest time or money, it is important to understand the dynamic ways your investment will impact our region’s growth. Please consider these two primary motivations for joining this effort.

  • Invest in the Community — By becoming a formal part of the Greater Wichita Partnership, you are providing a vital service to the region, helping to ensure the economic and cultural sustainability of our community for generations to come. This is your opportunity to shape the future of South Central Kansas.
  • Invest in Your Business — Our mission is to align resources and focus the business community on common strategies to fast-forward growth. That means we are dedicated to the success of the businesses and organizations within our 10-county region. Our efforts — from talent recruitment to site selection and downtown development — are designed to benefit you by working together to grow the economy, and ultimately, your business.
As we work fervently and strategically to meet the evolving needs of our community, your investment empowers the Partnership to not only engage the immediate needs of both businesses and individuals, but also to design and implement strategies for our community’s economic growth.

Charlie Chandler and Aaron Bastian, Co-chairs of the Greater Wichita Partnership

Invest in Growth

Your investment enables our organization to achieve the mission of fast-forwarding economic growth.  As an investor, you are joining business and civic leaders who are dedicated to creating long-term economic sustainability in communities throughout South Central Kansas.

Explore a List of Current Investors

Learn what companies and organizations are involved and how they are contributing to the economic growth of our region.

View Investors

The more organizations and partners involved, the greater our momentum toward progress. We invite you to become an investor and fast-forward our region’s present vitality and future growth. Learn more about the Greater Wichita Partnership and the difference your investment can make.

Becca Newman

Vice President of Investor Relations

Becca Newman

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