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Growing Opportunity In The Silicon Prairie

IT Systems and Support

Named one of the fastest-growing tech centers in the nation and ranked number 15 in digital service job growth by the Brookings Institution, the Greater Wichita region is the nation’s best kept secret in the IT sector. With a long history in manufacturing and engineering, the region is known for building complex products and advanced systems design — skillsets that apply directly to IT. The industry is aided by an expanding talent pipeline thanks to area colleges and university training and certification programs designed to fulfill specific business needs.

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Business-Friendly, Technology-Forward Ecosystem

High-quality digital infrastructure supported by three major fiber optic networks, multiple tech-centric co-working spaces, and significant IT talent means the Greater Wichita region is a prosperous place for tech companies of all sizes to grow. 

  • Commercial energy rates are 7.3% below the national average.
  • Average asking rent for Class A office space is 40% below national average.
  • Business-friendly tax climate. 
  • The average cost of tech labor is about 10 to 30 percent below national averages.
  • Revitalized downtown Wichita offers unique spaces for tech startups and companies.

A Growing Hub for IT Companies

The Greater Wichita region features large tech corporations and startups. Here are just a few of our more than 110 IT companies in the region:

Building the Pipeline through Partnerships

For tech talent, the Greater Wichita region is a Midwest hub with a vast talent pipeline supported by the region’s universities, colleges, and two-year schools. By establishing or growing your business in the Greater Wichita region, you have the ability to work directly with educational institutions to build programs and certifications your business needs.

  • Businesses and educational institutions partner to offer 17 different programs for IT certifications and degrees. With specific training in network administration, software development and more, aspiring students can obtain the professional skills necessary to make a real impact in the IT sector. 
  • Educational institutions in the Greater Wichita region are aggressively developing new and timely training and certification programs to meet emerging talent needs. By working directly with area businesses, the graduates of these programs enter or re-enter the workforce with of-the-moment skills.
“As a technology company, we have realized that Wichita’s local universities are producing a lot of great technical talent.”

- Tariq Azmi, Founding Member & VP at Ember Enterprises Inc.

  • Wichita State University's National Institute for Research and Digital Transformation focuses on developing new and innovative digital technologies including research and innovation in cloud computing and software development utilizing high-speed broadband in Kansas, cybersecurity and cyber operations and in-demand system engineering technology.
  • Wichita Technical Institute graduates over 70 students annually in Computer Technology and Network Administration.
  • WSU Tech’s Information Technology Systems and Cloud Computing programs are designed to fast-track students straight into the high-demaind, high-wage careers of the region. Currently, more than 100 tudents attend classes and work side-by-side with some of Wichita's greatest minds in tech.
  • Butler County Community College’s IT Academy partners with high schools to graduate students with associate degrees in a variety of tech fields and offers a cybersecurity pathway program with Friends University as well as Wichita State University.
  • The INTRUST Bank Cyber Security Laboratory at Friends University is one of only three of its kind in the nation in a university setting. The cyber lab offers cyber security students enrolled in the bachelor’s program an opportunity to learn and practice real-time attack and defense mechanisms. The lab utilizes the most comprehensive cyber defense training platform available.
  • Flagship Kansas.Tech is a statewide council raising awareness of existing innovation, attracting and retaining tech talent, and supporting workforce training.

Wichita State University Partnerships

  • Wichita State University and NetApp recently partnered to provide EECS students on-site learning labs at NetApp’s Wichita Solutions Development facility.
  • The Innovation Campus at Wichita State University invites companies to create space at the university to connect directly with students, create applied learning opportunities, and recruit well-trained graduates.
  • Ennovar at Wichita State University is a successful applied learning model that allows students to receive diversified training and work experience by providing software, technology, and support services for companies worldwide.

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