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Attracting & Retaining Talent

The Greater Wichita Partnership's Talent Team works alongside employers, HR professionals, and the community to accelerate the attraction and retention of talent while supporting talent development through innovative initiatives. The Talent priority of the Partnership is driven by the Talent Roadmap and Talent Marketing Blueprint, multi-year plans to create a community that defies expectations.

The Talent team focuses on the following three key indicators for success:

Wichita boasts an exceptional workforce, making it the ideal location for your business. With a skilled talent pool known for its precision, innovation, and commitment to excellence, Wichita provides a competitive edge, ensuring businesses thrive amidst a community that takes pride in driving success. Below you will find local labor force data points that showcase a future career-ready community.

Connect to our talent resources: Choose Wichita, Talent Roadmap and the Skills Navigator pages. These dynamic hubs are dedicated to cultivating a community that defies expectations, serving as an asset to ensure ongoing competitiveness and global reach of the greater Wichita region. Dive into a wealth of tools, insight and opportunities designed to propel your businesses toward success.

Selling the Region to Job Seekers

From hosting events for interns to engaging with prospective talent in target markets, we are aggressively selling the region to increase the volume of potential candidates considering Wichita for their new career.

Through strategic marketing and branding, the Partnership works to enhance perceptions and position Wichita as a top city for talent to live, work and play. The Choose Wichita brand, website and social media platforms exist to assist the community in promoting the region during the talent acquisition process. The brand development was built upon extensive input from community and regional partners, inviting audiences to discover what makes the greater Wichita region #RelentlesslyOriginal.

Employer Training and Materials

Employers are experts in selling their companies to talent, but they don’t always have the tools to sell the region. The Talent Team works to provide the tools, messaging and training necessary to proactively position Wichita as a premier talent location. To assist employers in attracting talent, the Partnership developed the Choose Wichita Employer Toolkit with associated marketing collateral providing assistance to regional companies with talent recruitment and retention efforts.

The Greater Wichita Partnership is ready to assist you in providing the resources needed to attract and develop talent in the region.

Tami Bradley

Senior Strategic Advisor for Talent Roadmap and Workforce Development

Tami Bradley

Ricki Ellison

Director of Talent, Workforce Development, and Community Engagement

Ricki Ellison

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