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Supporting Expansion And Growth

The Greater Wichita region provides everything a business needs to thrive and the Greater Wichita Partnership is ready to assist you in a relocation or expansion to achieve those goals. Our team can provide labor force research, real estate and site selection assistance, and economic incentives assistance — plus connections to additional resources key to your specific growth goals.

Relocation and Site Selection Assistance
Finding a new site is a critical step for business looking to relocate or expand and the Greater Wichita region offers many options. Learn more about how the Greater Wichita Partnership can assist your company in finding its perfect site.

Workforce and Robust Talent Pipeline
With over 900 manufacturing firms, the Greater Wichita region provides direct access to the number one skilled workforce in the nation. Businesses will undeniably benefit from a workforce with a pure, raw talent for building complex objects, which directly translates to many other industries. Learn more about our world-class workforce and robust talent pipeline. Need more detailed information? Contact the Greater Wichita Partnership to see how we can help with specific labor force research.

Economic Incentive Assistance
With a wide array of state and local incentives the Greater Wichita Partnership can create customized packages that cater specifically to business’ needs. Learn about our wide array of state and local incentives and financing programs.

Low Cost of Operation
Whether your business is looking to move into an existing office or want to build new, the Greater Wichita region has you covered with low operational costs that fall below national averages. Discover how your businesss can benefit from affordable operating costs.

Recent Announcements
For businesses looking to relocate or expand, the Greater Wichita region is where they find success. Read more about recent business announcements from the region.


Andrew Nave

Executive Vice President of Economic Development

Andrew Nave

The Greater Wichita region is open for business — your business. Please contact the Greater Wichita Partnership for assistance in your search. Learn more about how our team can help connect you with the resources and information you need.

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