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Our Insight, Your Success

The Greater Wichita Partnership team is focused on one primary objective: to fast-forward regional economic growth. Our team works within three key priorities — Jobs, Talent and Quality of Place — to accelerate this objective.

As catalysts and agents of change, our team’s key role is to implement the visions outlined in our primary work plans, including the Regional Growth Plan, the Accelerate Wichita Report, the Talent Roadmap and Talent Marketing Blueprint, Project Wichita and Project Downtown. Working with stakeholders, governments and partners, we are able to offer valuable insights into the visions set forth in the plans, and how our community can effectively work together to benefit the region.

Whether you are an existing business seeking to expand, an external company exploring relocation opportunities, or a local company working to attract the skilled talent to take your company to the next level, the team at the Greater Wichita Partnership is focused on your success.

Contact our team today to discover how to access the services listed below and discover how you can help accelerate the economic development of our community.

The Greater Wichita Partnership team can provide insight into these areas:

Specialized Industry Research

  • Detailed labor analysis
  • Comprehensive demographic and business climate information
  • Insight on transportation infrastructure
  • Information on utility connections
  • Identification and recruitment strategies for potential workforce
  • Comparison analysis to other communities

Marketing For Business Attraction

  • Analysis of local and state incentive programs
  • Federal, state and local economic incentive program assistance
  • Specialized presentations
  • Community promotional materials
  • Detailed maps of the region
  • Engagement with universities and community colleges
  • Opportunities and access to national and international tradeshow participation

Talent Retention And Attraction Tools

  • In-person events for employees and/or interns to connect with the community
  • Choose Wichita talent-branded materials
  • Strategic messaging to sell the Wichita region to prospective talent
  • Community sales training for employers and recruiters
  • Research and trend identification

Downtown Wichita Development Assistance

  • Commercial, retail and hospitality market data
  • Housing, apartment and residential data
  • Demographic and labor force analysis
  • Insight into downtown development and trends
  • Community plans and research

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