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Together, We Grow

The Greater Wichita Partnership is shaping the future of South Central Kansas through deliberate strategies for intended outcomes. Our investors are critical to achieving economic growth. While significant progress has been made, we believe this is just the beginning. Our ability to grow depends on an evolutionary-based mindset with the foresight to tackle the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow, in addition to today.

Promoting Progress

Today’s economic development is interrelated. In order to keep and grow jobs, you need people and in order to have people, you have to have a great quality of place. Since the Greater Wichita Partnership’s formation in 2015, we’ve successfully moved our region forward. Below are a few key highlights:

"We must proactively drive change, push conversations about what our region needs, and think and act differently, to create the future we want for the next generation."

Charlie Chandler and Aaron Bastian, Co-chairs of the Greater Wichita Partnership

The Greater Wichita Partnership is focused on how to strategically create the most impact. We believe framing the focus of our work on three main priorities is the most effective way to fast-forward the region’s growth — jobs, talent, and quality of place.



Jobs Announced



Capital Investment



Total Annual Payroll




Choose Wichita website sessions

Since launch


Resources for Employers to Sell the Region


HR and talent professionals engaged through presentations

Since launch

Enhancing Quality of Place
In Downtown Wichita


New Residential Units in Downtown Wichita



Investment in Project Downtown Area



Hotel Rooms Added


Enhancing Quality of Place
in our Distinctive Region


Major Community Plans Underway: Project Wichita and Riverfront Legacy Master Plan


Community Engagement Touchpoints


Raised to Complete Planning Efforts

Your investment has a direct and positive impact toward cultivating a rich and innovative environment to grow our local economy.

Charlie Chandler and Aaron Bastian, Co-chairs of the Greater Wichita Partnership

2023 Partnership Funding

The Greater Wichita Partnership is successfully leveraging investments and growing our investor base to continue advancing the economic development of our region. We invite you to become an investor and fast-forward our region’s present vitality and future growth. Learn more about the Greater Wichita Partnership and the difference your investment can make.

Becca Newman

Vice President of Investor Relations

Becca Newman

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