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The Talent Roadmap — A Way Forward

The beginning of this decade brought unprecedented disruption to the workforce in the greater Wichita region, and the effects linger. Apart from the debilitating COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues, there were other impacts: emerging technologies, new talent requirements, diversity and generational changes, and the ascension of automation and robotics. 

The need is great to prepare for an evolving workforce. That is why key stakeholders across the community worked with Deloitte and established the Talent Roadmap action plan. It points a way forward for the region to compete for, retain, and develop talent in innovative ways.

We are a vibrant, global community of possibility that invests boldly, takes risks, and defies expectations.

Goals and Progress

Below are the strategic priorities from the Talent Roadmap. Within each priority are progress bars related to accomplishing goals. Each year, the Talent Roadmap Leadership Coalition assesses how our regional community is doing toward those goals. Coalition members provided the scores based a scale of 1 – 10.

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An Agreed Upon Destination

Together, a diverse group of industry, education and community stakeholders worked with global consultant Deloitte to establish an ambition statement defining what our community will look like when we achieve our talent and workforce goals.

Stakeholders aligned on a set of commitments they believe will drive the most impact in helping the region achieve its Talent Roadmap ambition statement.

Cultivating a Vibrant Global Community

VG1 Form a coalition that regularly connects public, private and community stakeholders to drive inclusion by bringing diverse voices to the table to identify and address the priorities, needs and barriers various populations across the region face.

VG2 Activate gathering spots around the region with new activities and celebrations that draw and engage diverse and multicultural audiences.

VG3 Expand air and rail connectivity to Wichita domestically and internationally to enable easy access for future talent and business.

VG4 Accelerate existing marketing that embraces Wichita's history and generates buzz around a new regional vision.

Creating Possibilities

CP1 Establish a feedback loop between business and education stakeholders on skills, demand, and supply to enable agile and responsive workforce planning.

CP2 Develop a strategic model for engagement with private employers to incentivize creation of professional development and training pathways that connect talent to employers in creative ways.

CP3 Expand access to employment opportunities by increasing supporting services for underserved communities in Wichita.

Investing Boldly

IB1 Invest in embedding future-forward skills (coding, technology, data analytics, etc.) through industry-serving, university-based innovation centers to enable talent to take on the jobs of the future.

IB2 Create sustainable funding mechanisms to drive long-term investment and ridership in public transit and next-generation transportation solutions (employer, sponsored shuttles to and from workplace, childcare centers) that will expand access to opportunities for talent in the region.

IB3 Invest in developing compelling places (i.e., Riverfront Legacy Master Plan, Project Downtown, Main Street Revitalization) across diverse city areas to highlight the rich history and diversity of Wichita and attract talent to the region.

Increasing Appetite for Risk

AR1 Support the establishment of Wichita as a hub for innovation by advancing and investing in new technology.

AR2 Implement a relationship-based campaign to encourage venture-capital investment in the state's target sectors.

AR3 Challenge the status quo on public investment priorities with cost/benefit analyses that include lost-opportunity cost and benefits and measured in new ways.

Momentum Builders

We are working with community partners to ensure we have workforce pipelines from our:

High schools
Including programs that allow students to graduate with certifications and job opportunities.

Public and non-profit partners Facilitate community conversations about services like transportation, childcare and housing.

Establishing opportunities in untapped communities to bring training, education and other resources to boost job placement.

Working with Home Base Wichita and other veteran-friendly organizations to connect businesses with talent that is transitioning from military to civilian life.

Major employers Advocating for internships, apprenticeships and other mentoring opportunities.

Entrepreneurship programs
Leverage NXTUS, a catalyst for the region's startup ecosystem, by connecting community, capital, customers and the Create Campaign which helps African American entrepreneurs find service and educational opportunities.

Businesses and communities can activate the Talent Roadmap by aligning initiatives, fostering collaboration and leveraging the roadmap's guidance for targeted action. This involves actively engaging stakeholders, implementing tailored talent development programs and consistently evaluating progress to ensure a symbiotic relationship between business growth and community advancement.


The Talent Roadmap Leadership Coalition and the Partnership track measurements that include the traditional economy and labor force, how the community is progressing toward creating possibilities as part of the Roadmap, and how investments in the ecosystem are returning results for our regional community.

1. Traditional economy and labor force
Labor force, job growth by sector, demographics, etc.

2. Creating possibilities
Number of programs teaching or training
Future of Work skills, pipeline feedback loop, etc.

3. Ecosystem
Home Base Wichita, One Workforce Grant, Aviation Tax Credit applications, etc.

Upskilling and Skills Resources

Having access to global upskilling opportunities positions employers for increased competitiveness, enhanced productivity, and the attraction of top talent. A skilled workforce adapts more readily to technological advancements, ensuring businesses remain agile and at the forefront of industry trends. Additionally, upskilling fosters a positive corporate image, contributing to higher employee satisfaction, retention, and overall economic development. Dive deeper into the full Talent Roadmap report created by Deloitte, in conjunction with the leadership of The Greater Wichita Partnership and a dedicated committee of leadership focused on the future.

Talent Output Summaries

Explore the dynamics of workforce between industry and education in workshop output summaries. Uncover insight into the feedback looks that bridge the gap, foster partnerships, and survey current and local workforce skill needs. These output summaries detail collaborative pathways that share the future of learning and professional growth. Click on the icon below to download the industry specific summary.

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The Greater Wichita Partnership is ready to assist with your talent attraction needs to help you promote the region to prospective talent.

Tami Bradley

Senior Strategic Advisor for Talent Roadmap and Workforce Development

Tami Bradley

Ricki Ellison

Director of Talent, Workforce Development, and Community Engagement

Ricki Ellison

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