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Sedgwick County Foreign Trade Zone

Sedgwick County Foreign Trade Zone #161 benefits import / export manufacturing, assembly and distribution operations. The FTZ is a general-purpose zone where foreign and domestic goods are not within U.S. Customs territory. Users are thereby exempt from paying duty or federal excise tax while goods remain in the zone or are exported. If the final product is imported into the U.S., import tax or duty is due only at the time of transfer.

Sedgwick County, Kansas is the grantee of the area's foreign trade zone and has contracted with Builders Commercial Inc., owner; Garvey Public Warehousing and Garvey Industrial Park as operator of the Magnet Site Location. Located just five miles south of Wichita's Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport, the 120-acre foreign trade zone has 800,000 square feet of covered warehouse and assembly space, as well as building sites for new manufacturing facilities. The site is served by the Missouri Pacific Railroad and is conveniently located near the Interstate Highway System.

In 2011, the Foreign Trade Zone Board (FTZB) approved reorganizing of Sedgwick County FTZ #161 as an Alternative Site Framework (ASF.) This option can permit significantly greater flexibility in the designation of new “usage-driven” FTZ sites for operators/users located within a grantee’s “service area” in the context of the Board’s standard 2,000-acre activation limit for a general-purpose zone project; creating a seamless process for companies to designate their manufacturing facility or distribution center as a zone site. Seven counties are designated as service areas: Sedgwick; Sumner; Butler; Saline; Reno; McPherson and Harvey. These areas will allow a company in their area to become part of a boundary modification, minimizing the time and money normally required to get zone designation -- from 12 months -- to between 4-6 months until approved and activated.

The Sedgwick County Foreign Trade Zone has the flexibility to work with a firm to meet all of its site and facility requirements. Prospective users may contact the Foreign Trade Zone at either of the following:

525 N. Main St, Suite 823
Wichita, Kansas 67203
TEL: (316) 660-9231


Operator / Magnet Site
5755 S. Hoover Road
Wichita, Kansas 67215
TEL: (316) 522-4745
FAX: (316) 522-2213