Energy is an important industry in South Central Kansas

Wind speeds in Kansas are among the highest in the Wind Corridor states and are sustained well above national averages through the year.  Based on its analysis of the data, the U.S. Department of Energy has concluded that Kansas has many areas of wind resources that will support utility-scale production.

There is a statewide plan to catch the wind. More than 50 proposed wind farm projects are in the planning stages throughout the state of Kansas.  This represents more than 11,200 MW of potential energy production.

Transmission expansion is a top priority in Kansas. The Kansas Electric Corporation Commission (KETA) is one of the most innovative state transmission agencies in the nation. KETA has long supported Extra High Voltage (EHV) lines and is now considering ways to develop collector loops to give access to EHV lines. KETA is uniting with the Kansas Corporation Commission, the Governor's office and state utilities to make transmission a top state priority, demonstrating to wind manufacturing firms that Kansas is ready and willing to support wind development. Kansas is already one of the top 10 states in the nation for wind power per customer.  With an aggressive peak transmission time line and a fair regulatory climate, the state's wind production is expected to yield 10% of peak demand in 2011 (exceeding the original 2012 target), 15% by 2016 and 20% by 2020.

Wichita is No. 1 Manufacturing Market in the U.S.

The Greater Wichita region has the highest concentration of engineers and skilled manufacturing workers in the USA, thanks to our strong aerospace cluster.  No other metro area in the U.S. offers the unique combination of natural wind & highly skilled and experienced manufacturing talent all in one location. 

Siemens Energy was quick to the region where they found the combination of customer proximity & experienced manufacturing talent the perfect combination to expand their U.S. footprint.