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Reiloy USA Expands Existing Site


German-owned manufacturer, Reiloy USA operates a 54,000-square-foot facility in the Maize Industrial Park. Reiloy’s parent company wanted to introduce new innovation to the U.S. market, but needed the perfect location for expansion in order to deploy sophisticated, proprietary equipment and technology.


Because the Greater Wichita region is ranked as the #1 manufacturing-specialized region in the U.S., Reiloy preferred to keep their advanced manufacturing operations in this area. The Greater Wichita Partnership worked closely with the City of Maize and the Kansas Department of Commerce to assist Reiloy in expanding its facilities within the Maize Industrial Park. Reiloy’s extended site is on the park’s remaining 13 acres, adjacent to its original facility. With a total capital investment of over $20 million for the new building and machinery, the company’s growth benefits not only the region, but customers throughout North and South America. 

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