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Clearwater Announces New Business

Plains Cotton Cooperative Association distribution center to build at local business park

The Clearwater City Council announced that the non-profit Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA) has chosen Clearwater and its business park for a new 473,000 square-foot warehouse and distribution center.

After looking at multiple options, PCCA worked with the City of Clearwater to purchase land in the existing Clearwater Business Park. The new warehouse will store cotton from cotton gins in Winfield, Anthony and Pratt which will be distributed and shipped to production facilities world-wide.

PCCA plans to hire about 12 to 15 new full-time employees, in addition to approximately 10 seasonal workers.

According to company plans, construction would start this summer and be done before fall cotton harvest.

“This is a perfect fit for our community, we are very excited to have PCCA call Clearwater home,” said Clearwater Mayor Burt Ussery. “PCCA and the new jobs it brings is an exciting addition to Clearwater and will complete our business park.”

PCCA is a co-op founded in the 1950s and is one of the largest textile suppliers in the world. As the exclusive provider for Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, this is its second facility in Kansas. Previously, all the cotton grown regionally has been shipped and stored in Oklahoma and Texas.

Plans call for the facility to be built right next to the Union Pacific rail line in the Clearwater Business Park. The City is working with both the company and Sedgwick County on planning for truck traffic, including routing all trucks to enter and depart the industrial park from the north to avoid traveling through town.

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