Kingman County

Much of Kingman county is grassland covering red sand. The South Fork of the Ninnescah river winds its way across the north part of the county and the Chikaskia River crosses the southern part. Tradition has it that there was only one tree in the county when it was founded; early settlers planted windbreaks that are magnificent now. The heart of this county is the huge Byron Walker game preserve and public hunting area. Cheney Lake touches the northeastern corner of the county and the state lake is near Calista in the center. 

Highway US-54 crosses the heart of Kingman County, going east to Wichita and west to Pratt. K-42 also crosses the county from east to west. Highways K-14 and K-17 go north-south and K-2 cuts across the southeastern corner. Wichita's 21st Street winds around the dam at Cheney Lake, and runs across northern part of the county, joining Mt. Vernon, Varner, and Penalosa.

Kingman County Data


Land Area (square miles) -- 2010


Total Population -- 2017


Average Population Density (per sq. mile) -- 20178.53
Median Age - 201745.5
Educational Attainment (Population Age 25+) - 2016

   High School Graduate or Higher


   Some College -- No Degree


   Associate Degree


   Bachelor Degree or Higher

Average 1-Way Commute to Work (minutes) - 201623.4
Civilian Labor Force -- 20173,440



   Unemployment Rate

Business Establishments -- 2017246



   Average Annual Pay


Median Household Income - 2016


Source: Land Area -- 2010 Census; Population Density -- Based on 2010 Land Area and 2017 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates; Median Age, Educational Attainment, Average Commute Time and Median Household Income -- 2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates; Business Establishments, Employees, Average Annual Pay -- Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages; Labor Force Data -- Local Area Unemployment Statistics