Butler County

Population: 66,092

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El Dorado
Rose Hill

Butler County

Butler County, Kansas' largest county is mostly rolling grass covered hills with broad river valleys winding through them. The county was founded in 1855 and contains 1,430 sq. miles. Petroleum production, refining, farming, ranching, manufacturing, and the newest state correctional facility help to diversify the economy.

Butler County’s largest community is El Dorado, which is also the county seat. In addition to the county government, Butler County contains 29 townships, 13 cities, 11 rural water districts, 11 watershed districts, 9 unified school districts, 13 fire districts, and 1 community college, Butler Community College. 

The City of El Dorado contracts directly with the Corps of Engineers for raw water, and has the capacity to supply water to most of Butler County and up to 30mgd of water to business customers from El Dorado Reservoir.

Based upon 2011 census population estimates, Butler County is the eighth largest county in the State of Kansas in population. Population growth in Butler County has been increasing in the past five decades. The average growth of this period has been 13.61%, compared to the State of Kansas, which grew 7.02%. 

BETA (Business Education & Training Analysis) at Butler Community College works with area businesses to provide customized training for employees.

Interstate 35 is an important roadway in Butler County and is the only highway in the Midwest that connects Canada, the United States and Mexico.  Additionally, Highway 77 (N/S), Highway 54 and 254 (E/W) and Highway 177 (NE) provide Butler County easily accessible transportation to anywhere in the US. Three airports in Butler County serve personal and business aircraft: El Dorado, Augusta and Benton. Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport, the largest airport in Kansas, is conveniently accessible in Wichita allowing for access to anywhere in the country.  

Butler County is well served by rail, through a Union Pacific industrial lead line from Wichita.  Multiple rail served sites and spurs operated by Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroads are available. A transload facility was built in 2011 by Savage Services and is served by BNSF. The facility has the ability to provide daily service to customers.

Butler County Data


Land Area (square miles) -- 2010


Total Population -- 2017


Average Population Density (per sq. mile) -- 2017


Median Age - 201737.8
Educational Attainment (Population Age 25+) - 2016

   High School Graduate or Higher


   Some College -- No Degree


   Associate Degree


   Bachelor Degree or Higher

Average 1-Way Commute to Work (minutes)  - 201622.7
Civilian Labor Force -- 201731,813



   Unemployment Rate

Business Establishments -- 20171,420



   Average Annual Pay


Median Household Income - 2016


Major Employers

  • BG Products
  • Butler Community College
  • C-Tech Industries
  • D.J. Engineering
  • Dustrol, Inc.
  • El Dorado Correction Facility
  • Global Parts Aero
  • HollyFrontier Refining
  • International Cold Storage 
  • Kansas Medical Center, LLC 
  • Pioneer Balloon
  • Raschig USA
  • Seeber Manufacturing
  • Sherwin-Williams Aerospace
  • Susan B Allen Memorial Hospital
  • Valmont Utility
  • Vornado Air Circulation Systems, Inc.