Partnership News Highlights

Fidelity Bank plans $51M expansion
Fidelity Bank is planning a $51 million expansion to its downtown Wichita headquarters, which will include a 10-story tower and a private car park with 500 spaces. The new 135,000-square-foot tower will connect to Fidelity's existing building and address the institution's growing need for additional space. With flexibility and future technology demands in mind, construction is expected to be completed in 2023.
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WSU leads industry-funded aerospace R&D
Wichita State University has retained its spot as the top university for aerospace research and development projects funded by industry with $34 million according to the National Science Foundation. The University reported more than $64 million for total engineering R&D in all categories from all funding sources, which ranked among the top 50 R&D institutions in the nation.
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Spirit AeroSystems to add 1,400 more jobs
In addition to the $1 billion expansion and 1,000 new jobs announced in 2017, Spirit AeroSystems plans to add another 1,400 new jobs in 2019. The hiring is expected to take place over the next two years and includes the 320 new jobs announced as part of a 144,000-square-foot manufacturing support facility being built at the Air Capital Flight Line adjacent to Spirit's main campus in southeast Wichita.
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Park Electrochemical plans $18.8M expansion
Aerospace composite manufacturer, Park Electrochemical Corp, is planning an $18.8 million expansion to its manufacturing operations located at the Newton City/County Airport. The expansion will double Park's existing footprint by adding 90,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space and will result in the addition of 73 new full-time jobs. Construction of the expansion is expected to be completed in early 2020.
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August 2019

8/28/19 – Greater Wichita Partnership’s efforts to bring talent to Wichita earn southern region awards (Wichita Business Journal)

8/23/19 – Taking the Air Capital to the world drives local economic development (Wichita Business Journal)

8/21/19 – Slideshow: See the Wichita history that propelled 29ers as a baseball name finalist (Wichita Business Journal)

8/20/19 – Textron Aviation program grooms its own pilots (AIN Online)

8/20/19 – Goodbye Westar Energy, hello Evergy (Wichita Business Journal)

8/19/19 – Signature Flight Support plans millions in upgrades in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

8/16/19 – An in-person chance to learn about Wichita’s nine Opportunity Zones (Wichita Business Journal)

8/15/19 – Cosmic Pet expansion a success story for Wichita manufacturing, CEO says (Wichita Business Journal)

8/14/19 – Construction starts soon on old downtown fire station, Wichita’s first Opportunity Zone development (Wichita Business Journal)

8/14/19 – The last of Wichita’s major architectural firms not downtown is now moving there (Wichita Eagle)

8/13/19 – Cosmic Pet expansion in south Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

8/12/19 – Pet company seeks help from Wichita to expand with a second building (Wichita Eagle)

8/12/19 – Defense work propels WSU to annual R&D award record (Wichita Business Journal)

8/11/19 – Wichita pet toy maker expanding with square feet, employees (Wichita Business Journal)

8/9/19 – Renderings show first look at mixed-use 47th, Broadway redevelopment (Wichita Business Journal)

8/8/19 – Retailer set to start construction at the Waterfront (Wichita Eagle)

8/6/19 – The Born-Again Garage (

July 2019

7/30/19 – Another aviation company signs Wichita State University Innovation Campus lease (Wichita Eagle)

7/26/19 – Wichita’s minor-league baseball team still unnamed, but home field taking shape (Wichita Business Journal)

7/24/19 – Business Facilities’ 15th Annual Rankings (Business Facilities)

7/22/19 – CEO of Wichita-based restaurant management company will join Kansas Board of Regents

7/22/19 – Aerospace heavyweights tout Wichita’s role in space exploration and defense (Wichita Business Journal)

7/22/19 – Wichita has a role in NASA’s next giant leap (Wichita Business Journal)

7/22/19 – NASA: Wichita could play key role in developing unpiloted aircraft to fly around cities (Wichita Eagle)

7/19/19 – ‘Say Yes to Wichita’ an effort to retain young talent (Wichita Business Journal)

7/16/19 – Top Cities for Startups in the US (Commercial Café)

7/17/19 – 21 of America’s Most Unique Art Towns (CubeSmart)

7/16/19 – Wichita State researchers aim to prepare Air Capital suppliers for 3D printing future (Wichita Eagle)

7/12/19 – Opportunity Zones: Now’s the time to act, Wichita experts say (Wichita Business Journal)

7/11/19 – Greenwich Place lands major outdoor retailer (Wichita Eagle)

7/10/19 – Sedgwick County adds its support to Riverfront Legacy Master Plan (Wichita Business Journal)

7/9/19 – Martin Machine and Welding to expand in Halstead, KS (Harvey County Economic Development Council)

7/9/19 – Wichita State lands $33 million contract for Army’s high-speed missile program (Wichita Eagle)

7/9/19 – NIAR tops recent Air Force contract with bigger one from Army (Wichita Business Journal)

7/9/19 – City Council commits six figures to Riverfront Legacy Master Plan (Wichita Business Journal)

7/9/19 – Wichita City Council approves $100,000 for Riverfront Master Plan (KWCH News)

7/3/19 – Pop-Up Parks Lead to More Biodiversity in Cities, Study Finds (Next City)

7/2/19 – Riverfront group seeks answers to Wichita’s riverfront questions (Wichita Eagle)

7/2/19 – Riverfront Legacy group stresses its first public meeting (Wichita Business Journal)

7/2/19 – Bombardier announces new Learjet 75 Liberty (Wichita Business Journal)

May 2019

5/28/19 – Wichita State receives funding for two advanced manufacturing projects (Wichita Business Journal)

5/22/19 – Fast-growing Cox Machine adds federal safety accreditation (Wichita Business Journal)

5/22/19 – Butler, WSU Tech and Wichita State in talks about partnering for downtown culinary school (Wichita Eagle)

5/22/19 – Community Foundation grants going to four Wichita placemakers (Wichita Business Journal)

5/22/19 – Downtown culinary school in talks with college partners (Wichita Business Journal)

5/21/19 – Tokala: ‘I’m reversing what the Minnesota Guys did’ (Wichita Business Journal)

5/21/19 – Tokala’s medical school receives $15 million pledge (Wichita Business Journal)

5/15/19 – Eisenhower Airport’s economic impact helps win new federal dollars (Wichita Business Journal)

5/16/19 – Million-dollar upgrades planned for Envision in downtown Wichita (Wichita business Journal)

5/15/19 – Largest Kansas-based law firm celebrates 100 years in part by rebranding to new name (Wichita Eagle)

5/15/19 – Newman University President Carrocci announces retirement (Wichita Business Journal)

5/14/19 – Wichita City Council approvals help advance major downtown projects (Wichita Business Journal)

5/13/19 – Developers of land around ballpark reveal members of advisory team (Wichita Business Journal)

5/10/19 – Details emerge on potential downtown medical school (Wichita Business Journal)

5/10/19 – ‘A Call to Action’ Fidelity Bank takes aim at future with downtown expansion (Wichita Business Journal)

5/7/19 – Fidelity Bank’s $51 million expansion is ‘going to change the skyline of the city’ (Wichita Eagle)

5/7/19 – Fidelity Bank planning $51-million expansion of its downtown Wichita headquarters (Wichita Business Journal)

5/2/19 – INTRUST Bank to acquire First Bank of Newton (Wichita Business Journal)

5/2/19 – New $5 million technology hub to open in the former Printing Inc. space downtown (Wichita Eagle)

February 2019

2/28/19 – WSU again leads nation for industry-funded aerospace R&D (Wichita Business Journal)

2/28/19 – New technology group lays out Wichita-boosting plans (Wichita Business Journal)

2/27/19 – Project Wichita hopes young leaders will help propel regional growth (Wichita Business Journal)

2/25/19 – FlightSafety International chooses Wichita for drone training location (Wichita Business Journal)

2/25/19 – Newton Medical Center partners with Shriners to add telehealth location (Wichita Business Journal)

2/25/19 – New group plans to promote tech industries, recruit out-of-state talent (Wichita Eagle)

2/22/19 – A website that sells Wichita like no other (Wichita Business Journal)

2/21/19 – Music Theatre Wichita shows numbers to back up its place in community (Wichita Business Journal)

2/13/19 – New baseball team’s owner declares ‘we’re all in’ as construction starts on ball park (Wichita Eagle)

2/13/19 – WSU Tech president Sheree Utash joins heavy hitters in advising Trump Administration (Wichita Business Journal)

2/12/19 – Want a guaranteed aviation job interview? Wichita college will pay for your training (Wichita Eagle)

2/11/19 - WSU Tech extends student relocation program (Wichita Business Journal)

2/4/19 - New group wants to promote tech sector in Kansas (KMUW)

2/1/19 – Fare game: Wichita targets economic development with regional push to expand air service (Wichita Business Journal)

2/1/19 ­– Guest Column: Attracting the best talent benefits the whole community (Wichita Business Journal)

October 2018

10/31/18 – Wichita Northwest High School and Friends University collaborate with new innovative community partnership (Wichita Eagle)

10/31/18 – Pfizer drug manufacturing plant in McPherson to add 350 jobs

10/29/18 – Stearman Field owner looks to Wichita’s Jabara airport to grow its business (Wichita Eagle)

10/29/18 – Major development to bring restaurants, other businesses to riverfront near stadium (Wichita Eagle)

10/29/18 – Developers plan ‘riverfront village’ next to new downtown Wichita ballpark (Wichita Business Journal)

10/26/18 – Central Kansas cities apply to be new home of USDA offices (Hays Daily News)

10/26/18 – Wichita in the running for 700-job USDA research offices (Wichita Business Journal)

10/24/18 – Textron Aviation launches new Canadian division to expand service network (Wichita Business Journal)

10/23/18 – City Council approves ballpark development agreement (Wichita Business Journal)

10/23/18 – NetWork Kansas adds programs (Wichita Business Journal)

10/22/18 – Project Wichita identifies 5 focus areas (Wichita Business Journal)

10/22/18 – Chandler honored by K-State (Wichita Business Journal)

10/17/18 – Jack Pelton to receive Wichita Aero Club annual trophy (Wichita Business Journal)

10/17/18 – Textron Aviation gives the world a look at new Cessna SkyCourier (Wichita Business Journal)

10/17/18 – Mississippi mother, sons find opportunity with Wichita Promise Move (Wichita Business Journal)

10/11/18 – Company behind downtown Union Station’s call center looking to add 250 more jobs (Wichita Eagle)

10/12/18 – BizTalk with Bill Roy: Keith Lawing and the Wichita Youth Employment Project (Wichita Business Journal)

10/11/18 - $4.3 million industrial spec building in northeast Wichita nearing completion (Wichita Business Journal)

10/11/18 – Hackers beware: Wichita to host hundreds of cybersecurity professionals this weekend (Wichita Eagle)

10/10/18 – Youth Entrepreneurs reorganizing as national entity to fuel growth (Wichita Business Journal)

10/10/18 – Fidelity Bank to spruce up downtown Wichita headquarters (Wichita Business Journal)

10/9/18 – What’s ahead for Cessna’s newest, biggest planes (Wichita Eagle)

10/9/18 – Boeing boosts 737 deliveries in September, which Spirit AeroSystems builds 70 percent of (Wichita Business Journal)

10/4/18 – Next year should be even easier Wichitans to find jobs (Wichita Eagle)

10/4/18 - Wichita offers the 3rd lowest startup costs (SmartAsset)

10/5/18 – BizTalk with Bill Roy: The Greater Wichita Partnership (Wichita Business Journal)

10/5/18 – Southwest Airlines enters a new 737 era with major assist from Spirit AeroSystems (Wichita Business Journal (Wichita Business Journal)

10/5/18 – WSU, Sterling to partner on degrees (Wichita Business Journal)

10/4/18 – Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers among fastest-growing franchises in the nation (Wichita Business Journal)

10/3/18 – Workforce readiness and development are ‘cradle to career’ processes (Wichita Eagle)

10/2/18 – Cargill: Attracting, retaining top talent to Wichita a ‘key focus’ (Wichita Business Journal)

10/2/18 – City Council votes unanimously to move innovation campus YMCA IRBs along (Wichita Business Journal)

10/2/18 – Work starts on Delano catalyst site (Wichita Business Journal)

10/1/18 – Tiny apartments? Analyst says market could be there in Downtown Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

September 2018

9/28/18 – Downtown study shows most new restidents expected to come from Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

9/28/18 – Fluhr to Influencers: Get involved and don’t let up (Wichita Business Journal)

9/28/18 – Cover story: Living it up in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

9/27/18 – Downtown apartments market has room to grow, analyst says (Wichita Business Journal)

9/27/18 - Guest column: More join the fight for Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

9/25/18 – Students aim to bring Startup Grind chapter to WSU (Wichita Business Journal)

9/25/18 – Wichita-based Textron Aviation wins $7.3 million defense award for T-6 equipment upgrades (Wichita Business Journal)

9/21/18 – Inside job: Downtown building getting a makeover (Wichita Business Journal)

9/21/18 – The KC-46 tanker means boom times ahead for the local economy (Wichita Business Journal)

9/20/18 – AT&T upgrading downtown building as part of continued Wichita investment (Wichita Business Journal)

9/20/18 – Career Women group likes the action talk from Project Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

9/20/18 – Sedgwick County approves bond sale for Spirit AeroSystems expansion (Wichita Business Journal)

9/19/18 – Project Wichita findings: Change is needed (Wichita Business Journal)

9/17/18 – Spirit AeroSystems CEO says next 737 increase will be easier to meet (Wichita Business Journal)

9/14/18 – Cargill expects to be fully moved to new headquarters in December (Wichita Business Journal)

9/11/18 – City council agrees on MOU for new ballpark (Wichita Business Journal)

9/6/18 – More than a stadium: Leaders plan a community gathering place around baseball (Wichita Business Journal)

9/4/18 – New flight school opens at Wichita Eisenhower National Airport (Wichita Business Journal)

9/6/18 – Wichita lands Triple – A franchise (Wichita Business Journal)

9/5/18 - Triple A affiliate of the Miami Marlins planning to move to Wichita (Wichita Eagle)

9/5/18 – McConnell Air Force Base will need to fill about 400 Reserve jobs with arrival of KC-46 tanker (Wichita Eagle)

9/5/18 - FAA certification on the new KC-46 completed (Wichita Business Journal)

9/4/18 - New flight school, the Aviation Academy, opens at Wichita Eisenhower National Airport (Wichita Business Journal)

August 2018

8/31/18 - Butler Community College partners with WSU to make it easier for business students to transfer (Wichita Business Journal)

8/31/18 - Alyss Analytics moving to new downtown space (Wichita Business Journal)

8/30/18 - Air fares to Denver now more affordable with the addition of Frontier Airlines (Wichita Eagle)

8/30/18 - WSU Tech among fastest-growing colleges in U.S. according to a study by the Chronicle of Higher Education (Wichita Business Journal)

8/30/18 - Future Foam plans 77,000-square-foot expansion, adding new employees (Wichita Business Journal)

8/29/18 - How Wichita is helping Bombardier win back market share for large business jets (Wichita Business Journal)

8/29/18 - Project Wichita considers community survey’s 10 priorities for region’s future (Wichita Eagle)

8/28/18 - Wichita City Council approve plans to boost growth at local airports (Wichita Business Journal)

8/28/18 - Wichita Independent Business Association focuses 2018 scholarship money on training needs for smaller manufacturers (Wichita Business Journal)

8/27/18 - FAA exemption for Cessna’s Citation Longitude business jet will allow deliveries to begin soon (Wichita Business Journal)

8/24/18 - Koch Industries internship program named among nation’s best (Wichita Business Journal)

8/24/18 - Midwest Corporate Aviation plans to build two new hangars worth $2.8 million at Jabara Airport (Wichita Business Journal)

8/23/18 - NetApp to add 30 new jobs at Wichita location (Wichita Business Journal)

8/23/18 - Wichita State to offer courses at McConnell Air Force Base (Wichita Business Journal)

8/23/18 - Aviation talent draws New York-based Dayton T. Brown Inc. to open new office in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

8/22/18 - Wichita State students launch health care technology startup (Wichita Business Journal)

8/22/18 - Envision is partnering with the National Industries for the Blind to create 500 new jobs by 2022(Wichita Business Journal)

8/22/18 - Evergy gives $1.4 million contribution to Naftzger Park renovation (Wichita Eagle)

8/21/18 - NIAR signs on as partner to international 3D printing initiative (Wichita Business Journal)

8/21/18 - Wichita-based Youth Entrepreneurs program expands national reach (Wichita Business Journal)

8/20/18 - WSU Tech expects new branding to help boost workforce training mission (Wichita Business Journal)

8/20/18 - Galichia doctor group sells to Wesley; Woodlawn hospital to expand (Wichita Eagle)

8/20/18 - Health system to expand NE Wichita campus (Wichita Business Journal)

8/20/18 - Leading Technology Composites wins defense award worth up to $27.4 million (Wichita Business Journal)

8/16/18 - Wichita State gains $2.5 million grant for advanced manufacturing programs (Wichita Business Journal)

8/15/18 - How the F-35 fighter jet is helping a Wichita supplier expand, add jobs

8/15/18 - F35 work helps Globe Engineering grow in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

8/14/18 - Mid-America Orthopedics expanding with Andover satellite clinic (Wichita Business Journal)

8/13/18 - Kansas gearing up for first flight in federal drone program (Wichita Business Journal)

8/13/18 - The Cancer Center of Kansas selected for breast cancer immunotherapy clinical trial (Wichita Business Journal)

8/13/18 - Center Industries wins defense award worth up to $66 million (Wichita Business Journal)

8/10/18 - Wichita State reaches new R&D funding record (Wichita Business Journal)

8/9/18 - Project Wichita participants say they want change (Wichita Business Journal)

8/9/18 - Air Force's next few moves could lead to orders for hundreds of Wichita-built planes (Wichita Eagle)

8/6/18 - Textron Aviation increase helps push global aircraft deliveries higher (Wichita Business Journal)

8/6/18 - WSU's continued education program for working professionals grows in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

8/6/18 - Air Force moving ahead with contract that could mean 300 planes for Textron Aviation in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

8/3/18 - Testing in Wichita getting new Bombardier jets to the market (Wichita Business Journal)

8/3/18 - Westar furthering Wichita investment with $4 million building remodel (Wichita Business Journal)

8/2/18 - Sasnak Management expands real estate holdings (Wichita Business Journal)

July 2018

7/30/18 - Textron divisions pair Scorpion jet with drone control capability (Wichita Business Journal)

7/30/18 - Wichita Eisenhower National Airport racks up another perfect FAA safety score (Wichita Business Journal)

7/27/18 - Textron announces another order for 10 Cessna Skyhawks (Wichita Business Journal)

7/27/18 - WSU Tech opens new South Side Location (Wichita Business Journal)

7/27/18 - Via Christi St. Francis selected for medical device clinical trial (Wichita Business Journal)

7/26/18 - Wichita State students win national competition with virtual reality, acne-fighting mask (Wichita Eagle)

7/26/18 - Construction on new Wichita State crash testing lab to start this fall (Wichita Business Journal)

7/26/18 - Hyper Pet to celebrate opening of their new facility (Wichita Business Journal)

7/25/18 - GLMV Architecture to add civil engineering services (Wichita Business Journal)

7/24/18 - Outpatient surgery center planned for Andover (Wichita Business Journal)

7/23/18 - Airbus Flying Challenge plane heads to Oshkosh Airshow (Wichita Business Journal)

7/23/18 - WSU Tech Launches Training Scholarships (Aviation Week)

7/23/18 - WSU Tech releases more details on Wichita Promise program (Wichita Business Journal)

7/23/18 - New Heartland Welding Academy plans to open in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

7/20/18 - Textron Aviation to debut full-scale Cessna Denali mockup at EAA AirVenture 2018 (Wichita Business Journal)

7/18/18 - Project Wichita survey-takers represent many different income brackets (Wichita Business Journal)

7/18/18 - Spirit AeroSystems unveils new titanium fabrication process enhancing competitiveness (Wichita Business Journal)

7/17/18 - Metal Arts fabrication shop continues to grow with additional work from Spirit AeroSystems (Wichita Business Journal)

7/17/18 - Both Lee Aerospace and Harlow Aerostructures announce work agreements at Farnborough Airshow (Wichita Business Journal)

7/16/18 - Spirit AeroSystems to build research and development center in Prestwick, Scotland (Wichita Eagle)

7/16/18 - Work-driving orders for Wichita mark opening of Farnborough International Airshow (Wichita Business Journal)

7/16/18 - BG Products expansion on track for early 2019 completion (Wichita Business Journal)

7/16/18 - KeyCentrix LLC is taking steps doubling its employment with acquisition of  Net-Ability (Wichita Business Journal)

7/13/18 - Boeing KC-46A tanker clears final flight test hurdles for first delivery (Wichita Business Journal)

7/13/18 - Final, big hurdle cleared for McConnell to get its first KC-46 tanker this fall (Wichita Eagle)

7/12/18 - Wichita contingent readies for Farnborough International Airshow (Wichita Business Journal)

7/12/18 - Project Wichita’s wide net leads to mountain of ideas (Wichita Business Journal)

7/11/18 - Air Capital Interiors expanding in northeast Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

7/11/18 - The South Central Mental Health Counseling Center to build new $1.5 million facility in Andover (Wichita Business Journal)

7/11/18 - Landmark Office Park set to expand with two new spec office buildings (Wichita Business Journal)

7/10/18 - City Council approves IRBs for Cargill biodiesel plant (Wichita Business Journal)

7/10/18 - Wichita City Council approves Cargill’s $87 million biodiesel plant (Wichita Eagle)

7/9/18 - Spirit AeroSystems to upgrade its careers website to create a more efficient and informative portal for job seekers (Wichita Business Journal)

7/6/18 - $125,000 Boeing grant will help to continue the growth of aerospace in Wichita (Wichita Eagle)

7/3/18 - McConnell Air Force Base helps set training timeline for new KC-46 tanker (Wichita Business Journal)

7/2/18 - GraceMed to expand into 21,000-square-foot headquarters (Wichita Business Journal)

7/2/18 - Boeing delivers the 700th 787 of which Spirit AeroSystems builds the complete forward fuselage (Wichita Business Journal)

7/1/18 - King of Freight cracks list of top freight brokerages and expands yet again (Wichita Eagle)

June 2018

6/28/18 - Spirit AeroSystems working to recruit talent outside of Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

6/27/18 - CUSD 259 and Sedgwick County partnership on a mental health initiative that will add 51 jobs (Wichita Business Journal)

6/26/18 – Crossland Construction plans new 250,000-square-foot distribution center adding 20 jobs (Wichita Business Journal)

6/26/18 - McConnell Air Force Base ready to take delivery of the first Boeing KC-46A Pegasus tanker (Wichita Business Journal)

6/25/18 - Boeing defense win in South Korea means more work in Wichita for Spirit AeroSystems (Wichita Business Journal)

6/25/18 - Bonavia Industries to contribute apartments to Wichita Promise MOVE initiative (Wichita Eagle)

6/22/18 - Three local students among winners of Youth Entrepreneurs 'Big Idea' competition (Wichita Business Journal)

6/21/18 - Union Tank Car Co. plans to add 70 new jobs in El Dorado (Wichita Eagle)

6/19/18 - Shuttle Aerospace to expand into a new 21,000-square-foot facility with plans of doubling its current workforce over the next two years (Wichita Business Journal)

6/15/18 - Project Wichita survey launched (Wichita Eagle)

6/12/18 - Wichita City Council approves Wesley Medical Center’s $100M renovation project (Wichita Business Journal)

6/11/18 - Initiative to pay for living expenses for WSU Tech students from outside Wichita area (Wichita Eagle)

6/9/18 - Foundation repair company Thrasher expanding into former Vatterott building with plans of adding jobs (Wichita Business Journal)

6/8/18 - Using Wichita's biggest party to recruit and retain young talent at the Summer Intern Kickoff event (Wichita Eagle)

6/8/18 - Spirit AeroSystems hiring plan pushing beyond previous expectations (Wichita Business Journal)

6/8/18 - Spirit AeroSystems makes milestone delivery with the final Sikorsky King Stallion heavy-lift helicopter fuselage test unit (Wichita Eagle)

6/7/18 - American Directions Research Group to open a new call center in Wichita, creating 150 new jobs (Wichita Eagle)

6/7/18 - Wichita's growing craft beer scene is creating 'pockets of fun' and acting as a driving force for economic development and talent attraction (Wichita Eagle)

6/7/18 - Envision celebrates the opening of William L. Hudson BVI Innovation Workforce Center (Wichita Business Journal)

6/6/18 - Nearly 4,000 Wichitans participated in more than 200 Project Wichita focus groups (Wichita Business Journal)

6/6/18 - Second F-35 arrives in Wichita for planned inspection at NIAR (Wichita Business Journal)

6/1/18 - Wichita-based Foley Equipment expands northwest Kansas operations (Wichita Business Journal)

6/1/18 - Next LaunchPrep entrepreneurial class announced (Wichita Business Journal)

May 2018

5/31/18 - Grow with Google event a hit in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

5/29/18 - Knipp Services creating regional training center for Mitsubishi HVAC system (Wichita Business Journal)

5/29/18 - Interior completions work on the Bombardier Global 5500 headed to Wichita (Wichita Eagle)

5/25/18 - McConnell AFB gets new tanker training platform as it awaits the KC-46 (Wichita Business Journal)

5/25/18 - Airbus’ John O’Leary to pilot first flight of Airbus Flying Challenge plane (Wichita Business Journal)

5/24/18 - Wichita’s Downtown Living Tour scheduled for June 23 (Wichita Business Journal)

5/24/18 - Koch recruits 200 for summer internship program (Wichita Business Journal)

5/24/18 - Bank of America donates $50,000 to Youth Employment Program (Wichita Business Journal)

5/22/18 - Koch Industries subsidiary creating supply chain innovation center (Wichita Business Journal)

5/22/18 - High Touch joins Intrust Bank in support of Friends University's cybersecurity program (Wichita Business Journal)

5/22/18 - Butler Community College adds a fast-track option to digital and 3D technology program (Wichita Eagle)

5/21/18 - ICM breaks ground on $175 million ethanol plant in Colwich (Wichita Eagle)

5/21/18 - Spirit AeroSystems breaks ground on seven-story building tied to $1 billion expansion, new jobs (Wichita Eagle)

5/21/18 - Maize students roll out airplane built for Airbus Flying Challenge (Wichita Business Journal)

5/21/18 - Envision lands grant for the William L. Hudson BVI Workforce Innovation Center (Wichita Business Journal)

5/20/18 - Wichita's new bucket list showcases city's gems (Wichita Eagle)

5/18/18 - ICM's Colwich ethanol plant expected to open next year (Wichita Business Journal)

5/18/18 - No grocery store in town? This mobile grocery truck aims to solve that problem (Wichita Eagle) 

5/18/18 - Spirit AeroSystems Named Rolls-Royce Supplier of the Year (PR Newswire)

5/17/18 - Wesley beginning $17M second phase of children's hospital service expansion (Wichita Business Journal)

5/16/18 - BKD expands with purchase of competitors audit and tax practices (Wichita Business Journal)

5/14/18 - Eisenhower Airport upgrades will help support new Bombardier Global work in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

5/14/18 - LifeTeam expanding its footprint at Col. James Jabara Airport (Wichita Business Journal)

5/14/18 - Wesley Medical Center planning $100M renovation, adding new jobs (Wichita Business Journal)

5/11/18 - Youth Employment Project intern looks to expand horizons during his second summer with Textron Aviation (Wichita Business Journal)

5/11/18 - The Youth Employment Project building a pipeline to Wichita’s future workforce (Wichita Business Journal)

5/10/18 - Naftzger Park to close for renovation (Wichita Business Journal)

5/10/18 - State to fund construction of drone facility for Kansas State University and Butler Community College partnership program (Wichita Business Journal)

5/9/18 - Kansas selected to participate in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot program (Wichita Business Journal)

5/9/18 - McGinty Machine Co. wins elite supplier status from Lockheed Martin (Wichita Business Journal)

5/9/18 - Cornejo & Sons to acquire Midwest Minerals, expanding company operations (Wichita Business Journal)

5/7/18 - Frontier Airlines returns to Air Capital to offer new flights to Denver (Wichita Business Journal)

5/7/18 - Industry and education partners move on program to help fill aviation workforce pipeline (Wichita Business Journal)

5/4/18 - Local physician groups need more workers amid growing demand (Wichita Business Journal)

5/4/18 - Wichita entrepreneurs help minority startups get off the ground and succeed (Wichita Business Journal)

5/2/18 - Kice Industries to expand, add workers (Wichita Eagle)

5/2/18 - Allmetal Recycling grows through Harper acquisition (Wichita Eagle)

5/2/18 - Salisbury Construction & Industrial Supply partners with WSU Tech on building project (Wichita Business Journal)

5/2/18 - Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems to acquire European supplier Asco Industries (Wichita Business Journal)

5/1/18 - Wichita City Council approves construction of a speculative industrial building (Wichita Business Journal)

April 2018

4/27/18 - Early training lands young workers on Spirit AeroSystems career path (Wichita Business Journal)

4/27/18 - Boeing 767 increase could include even more work for Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems (Wichita Business Journal)

4/27/18 - Spirit AeroSystems: Defense as offense (Wichita Business Journal)

4/26/18 - Andover school district creates new position placing more emphasis on developing the future workforce (Wichita Business Journal)

4/25/18 - Public Restroom Company to open facility in Hutchinson, creating 75 new jobs (Hutch Chamber)

4/25/18 - Spirit AeroSystems delivers fuselage to Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky division (Wichita Business Journal)

4/25/18 - Consulting firm executive: the greater Wichita region ahead of others on economic development (Wichita Business Journal)

4/24/18 - Free training for skilled jobs in aviation available at WSU Tech this summer and fall (Wichita Eagle)

4/24/18 - Clark and Clay Bastian of Fidelity Bank receive the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce's Uncommon Citizens award (Wichita Eagle)

4/24/18 - Airbus engineering office on WSU’s Innovation Campus helps the Ultra Long Range A350 take flight (Wichita Business Journal)

4/24/18 - WSU Tech expands free tuition opportunities for aviation sheet metal training (Wichita Business Journal)

4/23/18 - United Airlines receives the first 737 MAX 9 of which Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems builds 70 of (Wichita Business Journal)

4/23/18 - Envision and Hunter Health Clinic partnering to open vision center (Wichita Business Journal)

4/20/18 - Youth Employment Project helping to combat area's workforce challenges (Wichita Business Journal)

4/20/18 - New indoor-outdoor concert venue to hit downtown late summer (Wichita Eagle)

4/19/18 - Augusta-based Global Parts expands (Butler County Times-Gazette)

4/19/18 - Library foundation exceeds funding goal for new downtown facility (Wichita Business Journal)

4/19/18 - Wichita State professor wins NASA award for technology that could peer into the sun's core (Wichita Business Journal)

4/19/18 - Spirit AeroSystems mining Dallas for talent to bring to Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

4/19/18 – The Topeka Street firehouse could be co-working space or Butler learning lab (Wichita Business Journal)

4/18/18 - The Sedgwick County Commission voted to accelerate Spirit AeroSystems’ expansion project (Wichita Business Journal)

4/17/18 - Via Christi Health green-lights $9M renovation of rehab hospital (Wichita Business Journal)

4/17/18 - King of Freight continues to expand (Wichita Eagle)

4/16/18 - Wichita City Council to fast-track Spirit AeroSystems expansion agreement (Wichita Business Journal)

4/16/18 - Union Station redevelopment to kick into high gear (Wichita Business Journal)

4/12/18 - Manufacturing company Viega planning to move its Atlanta-based master distribution center to McPherson (Wichita Business Journal)

4/12/18 - Buddy Brands creates new co-working space for start-ups (Wichita Business Journal)

4/11/18 - Plastics Manufacturer Viega Building New 204,000-Sq.-Ft. Facility in Kansas, Creating 100 New Jobs (Wichita Business Journal)

4/6/18 - City receives $2.6M transportation grant to replace aging trolley fleet (Wichita Business Journal) 

4/6/18 - Greater Wichita Partnership to highlight area workforce at national aviation convention (Wichita Business Journal)

4/5/18 - Project Wichita focus group questions released (Wichita Business Journal)

4/5/18 - Trade academy at Bishop Carroll High School targets the next generation of construction workers (Wichita Business Journal)

4/5/18 - Co-working space, The Labor Party, can assist entrepreneurs in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

4/5/18 - LK Architecture to hire 14 to keep up with expanding projects pipeline (Wichita Business Journal)

4/5/18 - Spirit AeroSystems to partner on R&D projects in new space on WSU’s innovation campus (Wichita Business Journal)

4/4/18 - Wichita-built Textron AT-6 Wolverine being evaluated by Air Force for experimental use (Wichita Eagle)

4/3/18 - Project Wichita a big job for WSU Public Policy Center (Wichita Business Journal)

4/3/18 - Fidelity Bank commits $1M toward advancing entrepreneurial activity and community betterment (Wichita Business Journal)

4/2/18 - High Touch marks 10 years as downtown business (Wichita Business Journal)

March 2018

3/30/18 - Metal-Fab plans expansion and new hiring in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

3/29/18 - Cornejo & Sons targets women, veterans as part of workforce development initiative (Wichita Business Journal)

3/28/18 - Kansas Protein Foods to open in former CHS facility in Hutchinson, creating new jobs (Hutch News)

3/28/18 - Project Wichita public engagement results expected late this year (Wichita Business Journal)

3/27/18 - Wichita State professors land NASA grant (Wichita Business Journal)

3/26/18 - IT portion of local tech company spun off to create Pileus Technologies (Wichita Business Journal)

3/26/18 - Q-Line ridership jumps 15,000 riders during NCAA tournament (Wichita Business Journal)

3/26/18 - Boeing delivers first 787-10, which Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems builds the complete forward fuselage (Wichita Business Journal)

3/23/18 - 1 Million Cups: The front door to Wichita entrepreneurship (Wichita Business Journal)

3/22/18 - New Eisenhower taxiway to allow for further development on airport campus (Wichita Business Journal)

3/21/18 - First River Vista residents just weeks from moving in (Wichita Business Journal)

3/21/18 - Naftzger Park re-envisioned as a flexible, 'vibrant open space' downtown (Wichita Eagle)

3/21/18 - $38 million downtown apartment project 'brings energy, vibrancy' to Arkansas River (Wichita Eagle) 

3/21/18 Boeing’s delivers first 737 MAX 9 of which Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems builds 70 of (Wichita Business Journal)

3/20/18 - Leading Technology Composites plans $8 million expansion and 33 new jobs (Wichita Eagle)

3/19/18 - Nearly 70 groups sign on to help fund Project Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

3/16/18 - Wichita’s Superior Tool Service launches new divisions for continued growth (Wichita Business Journal)

3/16/18 - Boeing’s newest 737 MAX 7, of which Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems builds 70 of, makes its maiden flight (Wichita Business Journal)

3/16/17 - Special Airbus project marked tangible proof of the promise of WSU's Innovation Campus (Wichita Business Journal)

3/15/18 - Wichita and INTRUST Bank Arena looking good on the national stage (Wichita Business Journal)

3/14/18 - Spirit expands, hires from high school intern pool (Wichita Eagle)

3/13/18 - Goodwill Industries of Kansas to create mobile lab for tech skills education (Wichita Business Journal)

3/13/18 - Cessna Longitude tour navigates the globe (Wichita Business Journal)

3/13/18 - Network Kansas rolls out new entrepreneurship mobile app (Wichita Business Journal)

3/13/18 - McConnell’s 184th partners with Girl Scouts on cybersecurity (Wichita Business Journal)

3/13/18 - Wichita one of the coolest cities in America, and doesn’t realize it yet (Thrillist)

3/9/18 - 10,000 and counting: Spirit AeroSystems celebrates milestone 737 (Wichita Business Journal)​

3/8/18 - WeKan aims to link women to entrepreneurial resources in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)​

3/8/18 - Butler Community College growing early college academy model (Wichita Business Journal)​

3/6/18 - Rebirth of downtown can be seen in craft beer, cappuccino, trendy apartments and more (Wichita Eagle)​

3/6/18 - Project Wichita to establish 10-year action plan for region’s future (Wichita Eagle)​

3/6/18 - Tapping into the I-35 corridor for talent is vital for Wichita (Wichita Eagle)​

3/6/18 - Wichita's High Touch Technologies acquires Kansas City tech firm Associates Solutions Inc. (Wichita Business Journal)​

3/5/18 - Textron Aviation’s Wichita-built Cessna Citation completes its longest flight to date (Wichita Business Journal)​

3/2/18 - EmpowerHer conference aims to jumpstart female entrepreneurship (Wichita Business Journal)​

3/1/18 - Wichita’s Buddy Brands acquires e-commerce pet product company (Wichita Business Journal)​

3/1/18 - Grit Virtual Inc. moving to Old Town to accommodate growth (Wichita Business Journal)

February 2018

2/26/18 - The Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas expanding employment services division (Wichita Business Journal)

2/26/18 - Responding to workforce needs boosts WSU Tech’s  enrollment (Wichita Business Journal)

2/23/18 - Wichita startup Lawn Buddy LLC launches the newest version of its app for its network of service providers (Wichita Business Journal)

2/22/18 - Evan Rosell tapped to lead Project Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/21/18 - Gander Outdoors to move into the former Gander Mountain building in Downtown Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/20/18 - Spirit AeroSystems celebrates opening of fabrication center of excellence in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/20/18 - New zinc plating boosts capability and adds jobs at Albers Finishing & Solutions (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/20/18 - Wichita ranked most affordable city in nation for renters (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/19/18 - Wichita's WaterWalk plans to buy site for hotel in Ashburn, Virginia (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/16/17 - Boeing 737 MAX 9 of which Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems will build 70 of receives final FAA certification (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/16/18 - Friends University and Butler Community College partner to grow cyber security training (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/14/18 - Spirit delivers 10,000th Wichita-built 737 fuselage to Boeing (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/13/18 - Spain pharmaceutical company Grifols to open plasma donor center in east Wichita creating 30 new jobs (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/13/18 - Wichita City Council approves Textron Aviation’s plans for $434.8M in upgrades to bring new aircraft into the market and jobs (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/12/18 - Bomber ties to Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems will lead to early retirement of the B-1 and B-2 (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/12/18 - Training blind, visually impaired workers for skilled jobs focus of Envision’s new William L. Hudson BVI Workforce Innovation Center (Wichita Eagle)​

2/9/18 - With new planes in pipeline, Textron considers adding jobs (Wichita Eagle)​

2/8/18 - Envision Inc. to create $3 million workforce innovation center and add jobs (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/7/18 - Boeing 737 MAX 10 of which Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems will build 70 of reaches engineering milestone of firm configuration (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/7/18 - Textron Aviation sells new King Air turboprops to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/6/18 - Textron Aviation’s new Longitude now at full production rate in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/5/18 - Wichita-built Textron Aviation attack plane to continue in U.S. Air Force evaluation program (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/5/18 - Boeing rolls out the first 737 MAX 7 of which Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems builds 70 of (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/2/18 - Aerospace suppliers expand to meet Spirit demand (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/1/18 - Project Wichita tasked with defining city's 10-year vision (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/1/18 - Move aids Empire Wall Systems growth adding 22 jobs (Wichita Business Journal)​

2/1/18 - New Downtown Hive co-working space to be geared to supporting businesswomen (Wichita Eagle)

January 2018

1/31/18 - Cessna Longitude nearing FAA certification (Wichita Business Journal)​

1/30/18 - Percentage of Wichita residents who rent skyrockets, study says (Wichita Business Journal)​

1/29/18 - Local entrepreneur Kamerion Wimbley plans new Wichita entrepreneurship incubator (Wichita Eagle)​

1/26/18 - Orpheum Theater building's fifth floor a hot place for office space (Wichita Business Journal)​

1/26/18 – GE Aviation’s Strother Field plant in Cowley County to help keep U.S. spy planes in the air (Wichita Eagle)​

1/25/18 - Wichita Developer: Let's spend $1 billion on Wichita's downtown in next 10 years (Wichita Business Journal)​

1/25/18 - Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems has a plan for filling 1,000 new jobs (Wichita Eagle)​

1/24/18 - Startup Grind aims to give entrepreneurs license to fail (Wichita Business Journal)​

1/24/18 - Adaptive reuse projects breathe new life into Wichita's older buildings (Wichita Business Journal)​

1/24/18 - New local startup Nbound aids small business product sourcing (Wichita Business Journal)​

1/24/18 - Textron Aviation lands new turboprop order from the U.S. Forest Service (Wichita Business Journal)​

1/23/17 - Compassion Air opening at Wichita Eisenhower National Airport (Wichita Business Journal)

1/22/18 - The largest 787 Dreamliner which Wichita Based Spirit AeroSystems builds the complete forward fuselage, cleared by FAA to enter service (Wichita Business Journal)

1/22/17 - Move aids further expansion for Epic sports, a sports apparel and equipment company (Wichita Business journal)

1/19/18 - McConnell Air Force Base wants to drive new ideas with on-base innovation team (Wichita Business Journal)

1/19/18 - New transatlantic speed record set by 787 Dreamliner which Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems builds the complete forward fuselage (Wichita Business Journal)

1/18/18 - Westar Energy to pass savings onto its customers (Wichita Business Journal)

1/17/18 - Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital incorporates 3D printing into cancer treatment (Wichita Business Journal)

1/17/18 - Mobil Addiction to open new headquarters in Old Town (Wichita Eagle)

1/16/18 - Foley Equipment is expanding its parts and service operation adding new jobs in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

1/11/18 - New WSU Tech to plan on changing the world of career technical education (Wichita Business Journal)

1/11/18 - Newman University partners with Spirit to offer on-site MBA program (Wichita Business Journal)

1/10/18 - Spirit AeroSystems CEO praises proposed state increases for research and training (Wichita Business Journal)

1/10/18 - King of Freight continues to expand with new major Downtown Wichita lease (Wichita Eagle)

1/9/19 - Wichita City Council votes to move forward Delano catalyst project (Wichita Business Journal)

1/9/18 - WATC announces new WSU Tech brand (Wichita Business Journal)

1/8/18 - Quik Tek Machining plans a $5 million expansion to add space, equipment and grow jobs (Wichita Business Journal) 

1/5/18 - Cargill Protein president says work-life balance study shows why company stayed in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

1/3/18 - First Boeing 737 MAX 7s fuselages that will be used on test aircraft have left Spirit AeroSystems in Wichita (Wichita Business Journal)

1/3/18 - Raptor Manufacturing readies for February move to new 33,000-square-foot facility (Wichita Business Journal)

1/2/18 – Martin Pringle Law firm to be the anchor tenant for the new $23 million Spaghetti Works development (Wichita Business Journal)