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Wichita metro area commuting is very easy

Wichita metro area average one-way travel time to work is about 19 minutes (25.8% shorter than the national average.) The vast majority of Wichita commuters travel via personal automobile. Less than 1% of Wichita area commuter trips are made via public transportation. Weather-related business disruption is rare. Average annual snowfall is only 16 inches and snow routes are well-maintained. Snowfalls of more than one inch occur on average five times per year. Snowfalls of more than three inches occur on average only twice per year. 

Wichita Transit provides bus service within one-quarter mile of 90% of Wichita's residents. Buses run every half-hour during rush hours. Monday-Friday 5:45am – 6:20pm and Saturday 7:20am – 5:20pm (no Sunday service.) One-way commute fare is $1.75.

Metro Area

Average One-Way Trip to Work (minutes)

Wichita, KS


Des Moines, IA20.1

Omaha, NE


Tulsa, OK


Colorado Springs, CO23.6
Oklahoma City, OK22.4
Kansas City, MO-KS22.9
Cincinnati, OH24.6
Indianapolis, IN24.6
St. Louis, MO-IL25.4
Denver, CO27.4
Dallas, TX27.5
Los Angeles, CA29.3