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The Talent Roadmap

A Community that Defies Expectations

Challenges finding talent? Wondering what the future will bring?

Attracting, retaining and developing talent is a key initiative of the Greater Wichita Partnership. We must position the region to attract targeted talent. As we consolidate trend research and define in-need talent – not just for today but also for the future – we recognize that it takes the effort of our entire region to be successful. To do so, many partners came together in 2021 to provide a roadmap to be intentional and successful in our talent efforts throughout the entire region. These efforts create a true talent ecosystem.

How We Got Here

Global consultant Deloitte led the 15-week Future of Work & Workforce process which included several interview sessions, virtual focus groups, labs and workshops that involved hundreds of local stakeholders from business and community leaders to students, young professionals, job seekers and frontline workers. Deloitte combined this insight with their proprietary data on global and regional talent trends and review of existing regional reports and studies. A group diverse in industry, thought, age, background, race and occupation steered the process with funding provided by the Partnership, City of Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas Department of Commerce and Workforce Alliance of South-Central Kansas.

What this Process Developed

The result is The Talent Roadmap: Building a Community That Defies Expectations (hyperlinked) that is essential to the future health and growth of the Greater Wichita region. When achieved, it will unleash our community’s potential, addressing where we need to go and how we will get there. Some of the commitments are already in progress and resources need to be increased, while others will need to be created and cultivated.

“We have roots in some of these areas but we will need to plant seeds we nurture in other areas.”

- Talent Roadmap

Our Anchor

An essential component of the Talent Roadmap is a long-term, aspirational anchor: “We are a vibrant, global community of possibility that invests boldly, takes risks, and defies expectations.” This statement is the foundation for four pillars, each with 3-4 commitments, which are grounded in extensive research and insight that our community must work toward.

Who Must Engage

This strategy requires an ecosystem approach to be effective, meaning all voices – those that are diverse, underrepresented or overlooked – must work together to unleash our community’s potential: educational institutions, businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, community groups.

The short answer? YOU.

Changes and challenges are here and accelerating. Through building this ecosystem where we can trust and lean on each other, we will face current and future challenges together to create opportunities for all people in the community.


For any questions about the Talent Roadmap, contact Tami Bradley on our team.

Tami Bradley

Senior Strategic Advisor for Talent Roadmap and Workforce Development

Tami Bradley

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