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Reopening Businesses

View guidance and best practices for reopening businesses from the State of Kansas and the Federal Government.

Reopening Kansas and Sedgwick County

The State of Kansas has resources for businesses and individuals for COVID-19 Response and Recovery. These resources can be found here.

State and local ordinances

Sedgwick County Emergency Public Health Order

On March 15th, Sedgwick County Health Officer Dr. Garold Minns signed an Emergency Public Health Order with restrictions for the community in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. The signed Emergency Public Health Order can be viewed online.

The approved order took effect at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, March 21st and will remain in effect through 11:59 p.m. Friday, April 30th.

The order requires individuals to wear masks or other face coverings when:

  • Present in any public space where distancing of 6 feet is not possible
  • In line and waiting to enter an indoor public space
  • Obtaining services in the healthcare sector
  • Riding public transportation or while in a taxi, private car service or ride-sharing vehicle
  • Employees working in any space visited by customers or members of the public, regardless of whether anyone from the public is present at the time

The order requires social distancing provisions for individuals within a public space to maintain 6 feet of social distancing from other individuals, unless individuals reside together. Exceptions include:

  • Businesses or organizations that provide services that intrinsically require staff from the business or organization to be within less than 6 feet from the customer.
  • Businesses where tasks completed by employees require such employees to work within 6 feet of one another.
  • People who have one or more physical barrier between them and any other persons.

Social distancing is encouraged for the following when feasible:

  • Religious facilities
  • Wedding and funeral ceremonies
  • Election polling places
  • Licensed childcare facilities
  • Pre-K through 12th grade schools and activities
  • Court facilities
  • Airports, bus stations, and other public transportation activities
  • Military and national guard activities
  • Law enforcement, jail or correctional facilities
  • The full list can be found here.

This order removed previous capacity and business hour restrictions for restaurants and bars.

The approved order can be found on the Sedgwick County website. A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has also been compiled and added to the website.

Documents and information on reopening guidelines
As you consider your next steps as a business on reopening, below are documents and updates that may be helpful.

  • Opening Up America (View webpage)
    • The Federal Government/CDC unveiled overall guidelines for individuals and employers for reopening.
  • Safe Work Playbook (Download)
    • An example of a reopening guide from a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, Lear Corporation, that demonstrates the planning many businesses have already begun.
  • Local Reopening Guidelines
    • Following the State's plan for reopening, Sedgwick County did not pass any additional restrictions for Sedgwick County businesses.

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