Reopening Businesses

View guidance and best practices for reopening businesses from the State of Kansas and the Federal Government.

Reopening Kansas and Sedgwick County

On Tuesday, May 26, Governor Kelly announced a removal of the Ad Astra plan and instead noted the plan is now a guide for County governments across the State to utilize for COVID-19 safety guidelines. View the updated Ad Astra plan.

On Wednesday, May 27, Sedgwick County Commissioners voted to not impose additional limits and recommended that Sedgwick County businesses and residents continue following the guidance in Kansas’ COVID-19 Ad Astra plan with slight modifications.

The Commissioners modified the definition of public gatherings to mean “persons commonly known to one another” and allowed gatherings of up to 20 individuals rather than the 15 outlined in phase two of Kansas’ Ad Astra plan. Sedgwick County Commissioners recommended following the Ad Astra plan, but stated that adherence to the plan will not be enforced.

Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas

Sedgwick County Health and Economic Recovery Plan

On May 13, the Sedgwick County Board of County Commissioners approved the Sedgwick County Health and Economic Recovery Plan, a set of guidelines for local businesses and organizations to reference as they reopen to the public. The plan was developed by County officials in coordination with a team of key stakeholders in business and industry sectors and includes best practices for business and industries in terms of employee and customer health and safety among additional community guidelines.

The plan is available on the Sedgwick County website and will be updated periodically. View plan.

Documents and information on reopening guidelines
As you consider your next steps as a business on reopening, below are documents and updates that may be helpful.

  • Opening Up America (View webpage)
    • The Federal Government/CDC unveiled overall guidelines for individuals and employers for reopening.
  • Safe Work Playbook (Download)
    • An example of a reopening guide from a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, Lear Corporation, that demonstrates the planning many businesses have already begun.
  • Local Reopening Guidelines
    • Following the State's plan for reopening, Sedgwick County did not pass any additional restrictions for Sedgwick County businesses.