Greater Wichita Partnership

Finding a Common North

Fast-forwarding economic growth is at the heart of the Greater Wichita Partnership’s mission.

Through the vision of the Leadership Council—originally formed in 2012 by the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce—the Partnership has served as a hub for collaboration and communication between the public and private sectors since its launch in 2015. From 2015-2018, the organization focused on six key priorities: jobs, talent, perceptions, downtown, workforce and entrepreneurship – realizing significant progress within each area.

To drive the continued evolution of the Greater Wichita Partnership and the economic development of the region, these six priorities have been realigned in order to strategically create the most impact and provide clarity for external communications.

We have framed the focus of our work on three main priorities this year and beyond: jobs, talent and quality of place, all to fast-forward the region’s growth. These priorities are shaped by the three highly detailed, research driven plans that were developed in 2018: the Regional Growth Plan, Talent Marketing Blueprint and Project Wichita. The new direction also takes into account the master plan for downtown’s development, Project Downtown.

This new evolution allows the Partnership to focus on the goals and tactics necessary to achieve our mission, with the understanding that the organization will need to work in conjunction with many private and public sector partners to fast-forward economic growth in Wichita and the region.

Three Strategic Priorities:

  • Jobs – Support creation of jobs through expansion and retention, attraction and entrepreneurship
  • Talent – Attract and retain talent and support talent development
  • Quality of Place – Develop a distinctive quality of place attractive to talent, visitors and economic growth


The Greater Wichita Partnership is funded by over 130 investors, including both public and private organizations and businesses.