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The Air Capital of the World
Wichita has been setting the standards for aviation since the 1920s when legends like Clyde Cessna and Lloyd Stearman took to the skies. Since then,Wichita has been home to the world's manufacturing innovations for everything aviation, and it's a tradition that has continued to today. Greater Wichita continues to be home to the brands that command the skies with aviation's biggest names - Learjet, Cessna, Beechcraft and Airbus. They, along with a world-class supply chain, are defining aviation from their Greater Wichita locations.
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High-Tech, High-Value Skills
Sometimes it's hard to put into words just what our community does best, but it's these three little words - we build things — especially complex, high precision manufacturing products few other cities’ workforce can handle. Most know about our aviation expertise, but we manufacture all types of industrial-commercial machinery, fabricated metal products, instrumentation and controls, plastic and composite products and chemicals.
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In Wichita, we design what we make.
As you might expect in the world’s Air Capital, there are more than 7,000 engineers who live and work here, constituting one of the highest concentrations of engineering expertise in the world. Aerospace is the seed industry for a great many technological advancements, but Wichita’s engineering workforce is surprisingly diverse. You’ll find cutting-edge expertise here in fields as diverse as information technology, medical device design and energy production and processing.
Composites & Adv. Materials
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Pioneering Composites Technology
Wichita's workers first developed composite materials more than a quarter century ago for use on Beechcraft's landmark Starship. Today, Wichita is home to the world's most experienced composites manufacturing community. The National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) is recognized by the FAA, NASA and the aviation industry-at large as a partner in composites testing.
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Gaining Momentum in Energy
Already known as one of the top oil & gas production locations in the country, new with the Mississippian Lime play. And, with wind speeds in Kansas among the highest among wind-generating states, the potential to expand an already aggressive alternative energy plan is only gaining momentum. But wind power is only one part of our state’s growing commitment to new energy. As a manufacturing magnet, innovation is a welcome by-product, producing advances in bio fuels, re-refining oil and other unique energy solutions.
Business & Professional Services
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Business Is Welcome Here
Kansas offers one of the nation’s best business climates. Low regulatory burdens, low litigation, right-to-work policies, low office space costs and an 88% high school graduate rate combine to attract corporate facilities. The largest private company in the U.S. is headquartered in Wichita, as is a global plumbing manufacturer, and a dozen customer service and processing centers. We’ve been cited as one of the best big cities in which to live, and also one of the most affordable. Expand, locate, hire and succeed here.
Value-Added Agriculture
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A New Era in Agriculture
A wide array of value-added agriculture operations thrives in South Central Kansas. Kansas is not only fertile ground for traditional agribusiness but also companies focused on advanced food research and development, biofuel plants, minerals, pollution control solutions and advanced manufacturing equipment. Centrally located, these innovators benefit from ready rail and highway access for feedstocks and other product distribution.
Information Technology
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The human resources that make Wichita click with tech manufacturing
The Bay Area Council Economic Institute ranks Wichita among the nation's leading metros for high-tech workforces. More than 15% of our employment works on the design and manufacture of technology, software solutions or advanced-material products. We have also made significant investments in the growth of our technology cluster with dramatic expansions of technical degree programs at several of our educational institutions.
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Emerging Business Is Big Business
Household-name food chains began here. Risk-takers and entrepreneurs choose South Central Kansas routinely, and for good reasons. The Wichita metro area hosts 15,000 business establishments alone, 97% of which are small-to-medium-sized firms with less than 100 employees. State policies, local education and access to training all support expanded growth in this key sector.
Partnership News
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Fidelity Bank is planning a $51 million expansion to its downtown Wichita headquarters, which will include a 135,000-square-foot 10-story tower.
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Wichita State University has retained its spot as the top university for aerospace research and development projects funded by industry.
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Aerospace composite manufacturer, Park Electrochemical Corp, is planning an $18.8 million expansion to its manufacturing operations located at the Newton City/County Airport.
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