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 Finding a Common North

In 2012, more than 100 private-sector companies came together within the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce (now known as the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce) to form the Leadership Council, a group which, among other things, was looking for ways to move the region’s economic development forward. Through the group’s ongoing work, it was determined in 2014 that the best way to achieve the region’s long-term goals was through greater coordination between local businesses, non-profits and government agencies. To facilitate this strategy, the group began the process of forming the Greater Wichita Partnership—an organization that could serve as a hub for collaboration and communication between both public and private sectors.

Led by Jeff Fluhr, president of Downtown Wichita, The Greater Wichita Partnership was officially launched in 2015, bringing Downtown Wichita and the Partnership together under one roof. With ongoing guidance from the Leadership Council, the Partnership immediately began the process of aligning resources and focusing the community on the common strategies that would fast-forward economic growth both in Wichita and throughout south-central Kansas. To do this, the organization focused on six key strategies growing primary jobs, providing diversification through entrepreneurship, developing educational and workforce opportunities, improving internal and external perceptions, recruiting and retraining talent and strengthening downtown vitality.

Six Strategic Priorities:

  • Grow Primary Jobs
  • Diversification through Entrepreneurship
  • Educational Attainment and Workforce Development
  • Internal and External Perceptions
  • Recruit and Retain Talent
  • Downtown Vitality